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Securing Peace of Mind

Chris Walsh, security manager for Stone’s Security Systems, understands what it’s like to be the victim of a burglary. He recalls his father—a big, burly Vietnam veteran—telling him about the time his home was broken into. “He said it was the most helpless feeling that he’d ever had,” Walsh says. “It certainly attacks that peace of mind you thought you had.”

As part of his job selling home security systems, Walsh tracks theft reports using public data from the Grand Forks Police Department. He holds up a Google map of the city showing the location of thefts over a two-week period in the fall. It looks like the city has chicken pox.

“It’s quite a bit more than people think,” he notes. Although Grand Forks enjoys a low crime rate, there are a number of businesses in town that specialize in providing home security systems that not only protect property from thefts, break-ins and burglaries, but also detect and warn of fire, smoke, water and carbon monoxide.

Make Quality Tech

HB Sound & Light, 101 North 8th Street, has installed home security systems ranging in price $1,500 to $50,000. The cost depends on the size of the home and the type of security and protection the homeowner desires, according to Nick Bennewitz, design and install engineer. “The new hot thing is the doorbell cameras so you can see who’s ringing your doorbell and protect from package theft,” he says. “It sets off your motion sensor and you’ll get a notification.” HB will work with homeowners to customize a security system that fits their needs and budget. “We really focus on quality, too, such as the quality of the cameras and the equipment,” Bennewitz says. “We don’t take a lot of shortcuts when it comes to that.” The company has a 24/7 emergency number and offer a $20 a month monitoring fee and a $10 a month fee for access to its security app. “A lot of people get a security system as a reactive thing instead of as a proactive deterrent,” Bennewitz notes.

Make Proper Assessment

Midco at 5030 Gateway Drive has long been known for its cable TV and internet services. About four years ago the company began offering its SmartHOME security systems to Grand Forks residents. Midco considers itself a wise choice for budget-conscious homeowners, providing bundled services and a $39.95 per month basic starter security system with no long-term contracts. It also offers financing options. “A lot of people think a security system is really complicated,” says Matt Thompson, field technician. “Midco’s done a really good job of simplifying it. We assess the house and give our opinion of where cameras should be placed. We can do a good job of being discrete with lines on the exterior. If they want to put a sensor in a room and I don’t think it’s the best spot for it, I’ll suggest what they can do instead. We’re not there to sell them something they don’t need; I’m there to sell them what I’d want in my own house.”

Make The Best For Your Situation

Stone’s Security Systems, 1550 47th Avenue South is the security branch of Stone’s Communication, Security & Fleet Management Systems, which began as Stone’s Mobile Radio in 1954. Chris Walsh says Stone’s supplies high-quality Honeywell home security sensors and systems. He makes certain that customers get the right surveillance camera for its intended purpose. “Someone who buys eight cameras of the same type might feel better that they have cameras, but the second they have to go back and look at the video, odds are they’re going to be pretty disappointed,” he says. Stone’s works with a Minnesota-based company that charges $28 a month for its 24/7 monitoring services. The company prides itself on tracking the health of its systems and notifying customers of problems. “I get notification of any kind of communication issue someone might be having, such as somebody’s internet going out. It’s nice to be able to call the customer and alert them of the issue,” Walsh says. G

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PHOTOS BY: Patrick C. Miller

From Issue 1, 2019


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