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From a Vision to Reality

By Dayna Bastian

Nearly everyone has a vision of the home they wish to have someday. For some, it’s a large, open-concept kitchen with plenty of room for cooking and entertaining. Others desire a living room that’s as sleek and modern as it is comfortable. And many of us dream of a master bath that makes your morning shower a veritable spa-like experience. Some people are gifted with an eye for designing their home; and others, like me, need as much help as they can get. In a world of ever-changing styles and trends, it can be difficult to know where to start. What is popular this season could change the next, and zeroing in on a design that feels both effortless and timeless sometimes requires a little bit of help.

Walking into Elle Interiors, you feel this immediate sense of warmth. To the right, there is a beautifully staged fireplace – the kind that invites you in and makes you want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and stay a while. To the left, you’ll find the welcoming smiles of the knowledgeable staff eager to work with you to make your dream home vision a reality.

Sitting around the fireplace with Melissa, Patty, Kelly and Jess, there was a familial feel to the conversation. Everyone was comfortable, and stories of how the team met each other and worked together, began to flow. It was easy to see how each of them brought something different to the table.

Having already been in the design industry for years, in 2018 Melissa Link, along with her friend, Patty Linde, decided to take the plunge and open her own business, focused on designing for families. Shortly thereafter, a friendship blossomed with Kelly Larsen at the local YMCA, and quickly she became a part of the Elle Interiors team in 2019. Fast forward to 2022, the newest member of the team, Jess Soli, also fits right into the mix, adding her expertise in bringing customers’ visions to life by rendering designs.

Each woman on the team brings a unique perspective and focus to various aspects of the house. Melissa and Jess prefer whole-house designs, Patty enjoys designing bathrooms, and Kelly loves working on kitchens. While they each have their own individual interests, they all inspire and encourage one another, looking to each other for feedback and perspective. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” as they say.

Their slogan, “Your Vision. Our Expertise.” gets to the root of the business. As a mother and owner who also values a work-life balance, Melissa realized there was a need to provide families with the luxury of an experienced interior design company able to provide customized, good-quality products at an affordable price. Many families are always on the go. Between kids’ sports activities, vacations, work and school, many families do not have the time for ‘do-it-yourself’ projects. Choosing fabrics, flooring, countertops and cabinets can be time consuming, but when someone can bring suggestions based off your likes and lifestyle, it can make the remodel experience smoother and easier.

Whether you desire an entirely new look for your home or would like to spruce up just one room, the Elle Interiors team can provide the expertise for your vision and help bring your ideas to life.

Interior Design Trends

Like any trend, some are timeless and always in style, and others come and go. The popular gray tones we’ve seen in the past are being replaced with warmer neutral palettes. Instead of full-room carpeting, rugs are a fun way to bring softness and personality to plank flooring. Adding open wood floating shelves is a great way to break up the monotony of a solid white kitchen.

Whole-House Trends with Melissa and Jess

• Large Linear Fireplaces with stacked stone & large format tile

• Vinyl Planking throughout the entire house and staircases

• Rugs, Patterned Carpet on Staircases

• In with the Modern/Clean feel; Rustic is trending out

• Blonde tones/deeper color combos

• Neutral tones > Gray tones

• Mixing Metal Finishes

Bathroom Trends with Patty

• Free Standing Tubs

• Walk-in Showers

• Bright Lights with dimmers for Master Suites giving complete control

• Weathered brass/vintage accessories

• Heated Flooring

• Tilework

• Vinyl Plank

• Specialty Mirrors, gone are the plain- Jane construction grade mirrors

• Tile Vanity Splashes

Kitchen Trends with Kelly

• “Use Every Inch!”

• Open Shelving

• Clean Lines – “Keeping it clean, so there’s less to clean!” – Kelly Larsen

• Two tones of paint

• Back splashes

• Subway tiles

• Pull-out accessories/hiding appliances

Bedroom Trends with the Elle Interiors Team

• Wallpaper can add a lot of personality to a space

• Textures

• Feature Walls

• Draperies are back – low + chic

• Less is more G

// To view the full story, check out the digital issue here


From Issue 2, 2022


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