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About Us

Defined by the compelling people, places and offerings of the region, GRAND Lifestyle magazine showcases the finest elements of the place we live in, work and play—helping us all achieve the life worthy of the publication’s name.

Infused with stunning imagery, experienced storytelling and a sophisticated design, GRAND is intended to highlight the impressive possibilities present in the Grand Cities region and surrounding areas.

Our goal for you—and for us—is both simple and complex.

We want to leave you awestruck at what you can see, touch, taste, hear, accomplish or experience here. We want to provide you with inspiration sourced from the best stories, perspectives or options that the region has to offer. And, we want to impress you with our ability to translate the grandest parts of this region onto the pages in a feature article, profile piece or photo set that either enhances your understanding of what is achievable here, or shows the positive possibilities that are just down the street or maybe only a short drive away. Are those aspirations simple? No. Are those goals complex? Definitely, (there are so many amazing stories to be told, how do we fit everything in?). But, could all of this be GRAND? Well, why else would we be doing this?

Developed and produced in downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota, GRAND is published by BBI International. For more than two decades, our team of editors, designers, photographers, sales, marketing and event staff have been producing industry leading magazines and events across the country. With GRAND, we are turning our passion for creating meaningful content towards home.


(701) 746-8385

(866) 746-8385

308 Second Ave. N., Suit 304

Grand Forks, ND 58203

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