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Making You the Trendsetter

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Susan Nord’s design team shares the secrets to before-and-after success stories, 2018 trends and painting tips.

Susan Nord is an interior designer that wants her clients to become trendsetters. “If you are going to spend money on your space, you don’t want to follow trends,” she says. “You want your space to reflect what you personally like.”

A well-established designer and former professional artist, Nord has led the design of major commercial spaces in the region including Greenberg Realty’s office space, Salon South, Valley Elder Care and others. Her residential client list has forced her to add studio space, furnishings and other all-star designers to keep up with demand.

Her approach to design services combines an intense focus on the client’s personality and needs with an artist’s eye for color. “A designer has to understand what a client’s lifestyle is,” she says. If a client shows her a photo from a style magazine or a clip from a TV show asking her to “do that” for them, Nord’s response is always the same. “What do you like about it?”

On existing space design projects, she always asks clients to declutter. Then, she reviews what furnishings or features that are suitable for keeping. “You can’t always start over. You don’t always need to,” she says. In most cases, Nord doesn’t advocate for several new higher-end furnishing additions but does believe one or two can go a long way.

Local art, regional pieces and heritage-based style is becoming a major part of Nord’s work these days. “What we are finding is that people want a design that matches their personality and not a trend. I try to bring local talent and art into the design.”

Part of what makes Nord’s approach unique is her commitment to providing that personal touch to a space. Her team can, and has, created custom rugs, large art installations, bedding and several other pieces customized for clients. The custom approach to every client stems from what Nord believes is a basic tenant of her job. To leave clients happy and invigorated by their own spaces they have to work with Nord and her team. “We are designers and they have to trust us,” she says. G

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