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Enhancing Your Beauty

It takes time to fight time. That is the basic mantra for Lori Mercil and her team of master estheticians and regenerative health and wellness experts. But, with the treatment help of certified and skilled providers, in combination with modern medicine used to refresh, rejuvenate or reimagine skin and facial features, the fight against time can always be won. Mercil has seen firsthand how much a person’s skin or facial attributes can change over time. The founder of Premier Aesthetics, she formed her unique service three years ago. Since then, she’s been trying to keep up with an exhaustive client services schedule that barely allowed her enough time to talk with us about her unique beauty and aesthetics service to the region. Although she is the founder, Mercil only has time to focus on providing services, a manager runs the rest of the operation. “We grew rapidly. I hardly have any time for myself,” she says.

Premier Aesthetics is one of only a few services that offer injectable facial treatments like Botox. In addition to injections, Mercil’s team provides laser hair removal, skin fillers, skin lifts, chemical peels and even platelet rich plasma injections for health and wellness rejuvenation. A registered nurse, Mercil is currently juggling her day duties with classes to become a family nurse practitioner, a title that will allow her to perform even more services for the region. A native Northwest Minnesotan, Mercil spent 20 years witnessing the power of facial beauty and health products on a daily basis through her previous career. When she moved back to be closer to family and pursue her interest in facial wellness, she had a unique experience from which to learn from.

Prior to starting her aesthetics business and growing the awareness of her services—or others like it—across the entire region on television shows or beauty events and seminars, Mercil was a private jet stewardess to the stars. She worked for United Airlines as a flight attendant and traveled the world from Chicago to Germany. Then she started flying for movie studios on their private jets, specifically Paramount Pictures. “I started my career working on airplanes that flew movie stars and Hollywood executives. They always looked so good,” she says. Knowing the treatments and facial routines the stars utilized to achieve a consistent and glowing look inspired Mercil to bring the same offerings to the region. Her love of old Hollywood can be seen on the walls of her clinic space.

A large part of her job continues to be education. Most in the region are unfamiliar with all of the services Mercil and her team have to offer—even though most pursue the services after learning about them. The team can provide most of the major treatments, new or old, that are shown on popular facial television shows including the segments on Dr. Oz. Premier’s team has developed a natural look that is based on safe treatment methods and customer satisfaction, Mercil says. Most in the region want enhancements and shy away from major facial statements that reveal a high volume of “work,” has been done. “These products don’t not work,” she says with a smile, explaining that part of the client satisfaction piece comes from the results of the products.

Inside her office, before and after photos show the true impact of the skin products used on both men and women. The photos look like something from a different place with different people. They are not, Mercil says with a look of pride, they are people from the region who’ve benefited at the hands of Mercil and her team. Testimonials on their social media pages almost seem too good to be true, but the names on the notes prove otherwise. And, in case you are curious about Mercil’s skilled team working with you on some kind of treatment (and they have an impressive number of offerings), remember that mantra and that Mercil says there is no one size fits all approach to achieving desired results. More and more clients are figuring that out every week, she says. The demand for her services and her time prove it. G

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From Issue 3, 2019


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